Running For Better Fitness Results

27 Oct

Fuel up your brain

Training will condition your muscles to hike up the fuel storage capacity. But did you know that running will also hike up the ability of the brain to store high reserves of fuel. These large tanks of stored glycogen in the brain lead to higher levels of mental alertness and higher cognitive functions. So you can stock up the functions of your brain by regular running sessions or by bootcamp training in Rushcutters Bay Park.

Feel good always

Running is an aerobic exercise which boosts the cardio vascular ability and the muscle power of the body. But did you know that exercise promotes the secretion of feel good hormones in the body. Antidepressant medication also improves the mood by secreting similar groups of hormones called endorphins. Endorphins have the ability to boost the mood and stop the occurrence of depression and mood swings.

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Rushcutters bay bootcamp training for better running

For better results you should practice running in quiet green places as this will soothe the mind. Running midst greenery produces the same effect as meditation.

Boost your body image

When you run regularly you develop your muscles and make your body suppler. When your body grows slimmer and fitter your confidence levels will increase. You will start feeling better and will notice a decrease in your body image issues. For living a better life make sure that you go for your daily run.

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Fitness Boot Camps – What You May Not Already Know

15 Aug

ID-100120640Have you heard about fitness boot camps? If yes, do you really know what they are about and especially how they can help you achieve good weight loss and fitness? Many people don’t know much about such boot camps, hence this article.

Keep reading and this article should tell you much more than you currently know about such camps and also tell you what you stand to gain from getting involved in such camps, in your quest to keep fit and lose weight. Apart from that we will also recommend a good boot camp for you t o consider enrolling in, that can really help get you great fitness results.

Fitness boot camps are usually group types of exercise programs which are mostly put together by very good group of trainers. Such camps are completely different from training in a traditional gym setting. They are far more all-encompassing.

The aims and objectives of such boot camps include helping their members or their participants to lose weight and keep fit through proven methods such as strength building, achievement of total health, etc. And of course, such happens in social and friendly setting, which also help the participants to feel relaxed enough to achieve good results.

Unlike traditional gyms, such fitness boot camps are far more exciting, fun and effective in helping users lose weight and keep fit. With the loads of fun activities to engage in, there is hardly any boring moment while trying to lose weight and keep fit.

One of the best organizer of such fitness boot camps is Dan Clay’s Dangerously Fit. It’s rated as one of the most sought after fitness boot camps in Sydney, Australia. Lots of people had only good things to say about it. You can find out more information on this from their Facebook page or their Pinterest page or directly on their website.